Learn the Future of Digital Marketing.

Programmatic Advertising is said to be the future of digital marketing. As per the latest trend, around 80% of the total spend on display ads is through Programmatic Advertising

Instructor Led Training

Dive into the Details

Gain a deeper understanding of the Media buying landscape, framed around Google Marketing Platform’s Display & Video 360 (DV360) demand-side platform (DSP).

DV360 & CM 360

Gain an in-depth insight into the fundamentals of Display & Video 360 and how it works. Industry Specific Crafted Content

Media Planning & Strategy

Learn how to develop a powerful Media Plan that captures cross-channel audience targeting strategy to deliver a personalised user experience.

Tracking & Reporting

Learn how to track your Conversion With Modern and Easy to Use Tracking Solutions in DV360 and CM360and Get Results in Real Time!

Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it

Our Display & Video 360 courses provide students, advertisers, marketing teams and traders with the skills to work smarter in programmatic buying..


Course Overview

Introduction to Campaign Manager

In this section student will get fair idea of How Ad-Server works and Account Structure of Campaign Manager 360 (DoubleClick Campaign Manager) and how to Navigate within Campaign Manager 360. 

Campaign Manager Floodlight and Audience Creation - 

This section is all about understanding Campaign Manager’s ‘floodlight’ tag. How to create & configure floodlights, and then use them to build audiences.

Campaign Manager Trafficking
Learn about uploading your creative assets, how to configure them within the Campaign Manager ad server, and how to deliver your tags to publishers.

Campaign Manager Reporting

Learn about performance metrics and reporting capabilities within Campaign Manager. We’ll walk through the different types of reporting available, and how to build reports.


We’ll walk through key integrations between Google Marketing Platform products, and discuss the role of each integration and efficiencies gained.

Intro to Programmatic Media Buying

A high-level overview of what programmatic media buying is, how it works, and different platforms and tools within the programmatic ecosystem.

Display & Video 360 Overview

An in-depth discussion of the DV360 demand-side platform. We’ll discuss deal types, environments & devices, creative assets, account structure, and walk through a step-by-step campaign build.

Measurement Framework

We’ll discuss floodlights--what they are, and how to use them to track campaign performance, as well as their role in building audience segments. Metrics and reporting will also be covered.

Brand Safety Measurements 

In this section student will get understanding about Brand safety measurements and how to use tools like MOAT and IAS to combat fraud and maintain brand safety environments 

Dedicated Q&A Time

Let your instructors weigh in on your setup. There will be Q&A time to ask your instructors for advice and feedback specific to your account.


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